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Leopard Love + Capsule Collage | Part One

Shirt: Gift from my parents | Cardigan: Target | Pants / Flats: Kohls

I really like leopard print, you guys.  I have a leopard print scarf, some flats, a dress, and a belt in traditional brown and black leopard print.  I really like gray leopard print as well, as evidenced by the sweatshirt I bought this month, my leopard TOMS, my leopard tights, and today's shirt.  I'm not sure what it is about it that I like so's probably because I own mostly black, gray, and white clothing, which means I can mix and match it all with my gray leopard print items.  I just love this shirt, though - the collar has jewels on it, so I don't need to wear a necklace with it.  The insides of the cuffs on the shirt are this awesome fuchsia color, so when I roll the sleeves up like I did here, you get a splash of color.  It fits me perfectly.  The only thing that I don't love about it is that it's so memorable that I can't wear it more often!!

I also wanted to link up with Anne and Jacquelyn to show off the first eight outfits that I've blogged from my capsule wardrobe.  In these outfits shown here, I've literally not repeated one piece of clothing yet...haha.  I do want to say that I am about two weeks behind on posting my outfits, so in real life, I have repeated items at this point, but they just haven't made it to the blog yet!

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