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Tank / Jeans: Old Navy | Cardigan: Target | Flats: Payless | Necklace: From my mom

I have spoken multiple times on my blog before about my struggles with eating, body image, etc., but I'm going to do it again today.

So, I'm a part of this group on Facebook that's all about having a healthier and more active lifestyle.  There are about 700 women in the group, and it's really encouraging.  Almost all of the women are larger than average, like me, which has been such a great environment.  We're all women who have struggled with their weight and desire to make a change, and everyone is so supportive of one another.

Back on September 1, over 300 (maybe even more) of us decided to start a 90 Day Challenge.  We're all broken into teams with a coach, and we have weekly challenges that we need to accomplish and check in on our Facebook group.  Each participant in the challenge also has some non-scale-related goals that she is supposed to achieve over the course of the challenge as well.  One of my goals for the challenge is to ride my bike to work at least once a week.  Well, today's outfit was worn on one of those days.

I wound up wearing my jeans, flats, and tank top to bike in with a long-sleeved athletic 1/4-zip shirt on top for warmth, and then had my cardigan and necklace in my backpack to change into at work.  It worked pretty well!  I only live 2.7 miles from my school, and it's mostly downhill on the way there, so I don't get sweaty.  I do have some body spray and deodorant that I keep in my desk for the mornings that I bike to make sure I smell nice and fresh for my students.

So far, I've been doing pretty well with my challenge.  I haven't weighed myself a) because we don't have a scale, and b) I don't want to focus on weight loss, but rather on incorporating healthier choices in to my life.  It's been hard to get in all the water I need some days (because it means I pee a lot, haha), and I don't love veggies so I sometimes "forget" to eat them, but I've had some great changes as well.  I've been walking more, biking more, eating more fruits, avoiding more sweets, etc.  The support of my coach and the other women on my team has been so encouraging.  I've tried Zumba workouts at home (which is hard to do on carpet, by the way), and I'm hoping to try out PiYo one of these days as well.  My fellow counselors at work have invited me to work out with them at their gym, so as soon as I start getting regular paychecks again (TODAY!!), I'm going to join so I have some classes to go to as well.

Getting my life on track, becoming more active, and making better choices is not an easy thing, but I know it's crucial for my health.  Over the summer, I reached my peak weight and felt pretty much miserable about it.  I'd love to make sure that my weight never creeps that high again, and the only thing that's keeping me from losing the weight is me.  Now that I'm getting down a routine for work, I'm really eager to start coming up with a steady workout routine as well.  I love biking, I love yoga, I love walking (especially with other people), I love fruits, I've been enjoying my meat-free lifestyle for the past 3 months...things are starting to fall into place.  And I'm really hoping that it sticks!

What have some of you all done to incorporate healthy choices into your lives?  I'm always finding myself inspired by my blogging friends...

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