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Capsule Wardrobe!!

I've been really intrigued with capsule wardrobes for years.  Some of the first things I ever pinned on my Pinterest account were capsule wardrobes, actually!  After completing several remix challenges, three months of a yearlong shopping freeze, and a significant downsizing of my closet, it's time for me to get dressed using the capsule wardrobe mentality.

I've decided, for this first time around, to try the capsule out for just work outfits.  My capsule includes 39 pieces (not including shoes and accessories), and I am allowing myself to add up to 11 pieces to make a maximum 50 items.  I'm going to try and make it for awhile just using the items I have listed here, but knowing that I have the flexibility to add different items in gives me a little peace of mind :)

I'm going to try hard to vary my looks to keep things looking fresh and exciting for you all.  I'll definitely be documenting my work outfits using the capsule items on my blog, but I'll also probably sprinkle in some weekend looks here and there as well.

Here are the items I've selected for my capsule.

Row 1: white tank (worn here) | camel tank (worn here) | purple tank | black tank (worn here)  | cream tee (worn here)
Row 2: gray tee (worn here) | black + white striped tee (worn here) | striped oxford (worn here) | chambray popover (worn here) | blue blouse
Row 3: navy + white striped tee (worn here) | white button up (worn here) | cream tunic | cream blouse | camel + white striped tee (worn here)
Row 4: gray + white striped tee (worn here) | gray leopard print button up | black 3/4 sleeve top (worn here)
Row 5: black blouse | white + khaki striped sweater (worn here) | camel sweater (worn here)

Row 1: pink + white striped dress (worn here) | gray dress (worn here) | black dress (worn here)
Row 2: navy + white striped skirt (worn here) | teal ankle pants (worn here) | denim + velvet printed ankle pants
Row 3: gray ankle pants | black ponte pants (worn here) | gray ponte pants (worn here)
Row 4: dark wash skinny jeans (worn here)

Row 1: white boyfriend cardigan (worn here) | black cardigan (worn here) | pink + white floral cardigan (worn here)
Row 2: green military jacket (worn here) | gray blazer (worn here)
Row 3: camel cardigan (worn here) | gray cardigan (worn here) | navy boyfriend cardigan (worn here)

There you have it - the items I've selected for my fall capsule wardrobe!  I'm really excited to get started and to begin sharing some of my outfits with you all.

I'll be linking up with Anne for the capsule wardrobe series - check out the link up and see other bloggers who are going to try dressing using a capsule wardrobe!

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