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Budgeting Bloggers: September

Yes, I'm still doing a year of no shopping, but I did buy some things this month.  As I laid out in my original post, I am allowing myself to buy things with gift cards and rewards, and I can spend money on new black boots and on some new clothes if I wind up gaining losing weight.  So, this month, I had some rewards at Old Navy that were going to expire, and I decided to buy a few new things.

  • Maroon dress, $35 | A ton of my dresses from last year don't fit me anymore (ugh), and I desperately needed something long-sleeved that was work-appropriate.  I bought this dress in a tall so that it would have a little extra length, and it fits me so nicely!
  • Leopard print sweatshirt, $20 | I bought a couple of these sweatshirts last year in the store at Old Navy, and while I liked them, they fit me awkwardly.  The size large was too short in the sleeves and the length, but the extra large was huge on me (although I still lounge around in it allll the time), so when I saw that I could order this sweatshirt in a tall large, I decided to go for it.  Again, it fits me very nicely, and I'm eager to wear it soon!
  • Maroon studded tank, $15 | I really love maroon, especially for the cooler months, and I was very drawn to the color of this tank.  I love the addition of the studs and the fact that it can be worn with some of my ponte pants (due to the length), and I can already tell it will get worn frequently.
  • Space-dyed top, $14 | I first saw this shirt when Audrey wrote a post all about it, and it's the first time I've ever clicked on a blogger's link and bought something featured on their blog.  I love tees with a little extra "something" to them, like the space-dyed print on this tee.  It happens to be SO soft and stretchy, and I love that it's nice enough to be worn to work, but I can throw it on with jeans or leggings on weekends and call it good, too.  I also ordered this in a tall so that it would be a little longer (and long enough in the sleeves, which I sometimes run into issues with when I buy Old Navy's "regular" sizes).
Total: $84 + 30% off + $50 rewards: $5 out of pocket.  Yes, I bought all of this for $5.  Wooo!!

[I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers.]

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