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Weekend Wear

It seems to me that most style bloggers that I read and follow tend to post their work and weekday outfits.  Since I always am curious about what bloggers wear when they're "off-duty," I wanted to show you what I wear on the weekends!  Both of these outfits were worn last weekend.

Top: Gap, hand-me-down from my best friend | Shorts: Old Navy | Cardigan: TJ Maxx | Sandals: Payless

I've mentioned before that my cousin is pregnant and having her first baby, a boy, this November.  On Saturday, we went to her baby shower, and this is what I wore!  I knew it would be a somewhat casual affair, so I didn't want to wear anything too fancy.  I wound up wearing my favorite black shorts (seriously, these are SO COMFY) and a black studded sleeveless blouse.  To add a little color, I added my coral cardigan.  While I love how the black and coral look together, I feel like the high neckline of this blouse and the v-neck cut of the cardigan look a little goofy together (kind of like this outfit from my 20x30 challenge).  Now I know just to stick with scoop neck and v-neck tops when I wear this cardigan from now on!  The outfit was otherwise very comfortable, and I felt like it was quite appropriate for a casual baby shower.

Shirt / Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Target | Necklace: From my mom

The next day, Sunday, was dedicated to enjoying my last day of summer, since I began my new job the next day.  On my "to do" list for the day were reading through my high school's course registration guide and student handbook, organizing my work bag, catching up on blogs, and hanging out with Kevin and the pups.  Since I'm gross, I totally wore the same shorts from the day before again (we all do this, right?).  Again, I wanted to keep the outfit fairly monochromatic, so I wore this black 3/4-sleeve top that I have had for years but have been sorely neglecting and added gold accessories for a little shine.  I actually really liked this outfit and definitely plan on wearing it again.  And it reminded me of how much I love this top, so get used to seeing it a little more often!  It will transition into fall quite nicely!

So, these two outfits show a pretty good representation of what I tend to wear on the weekends.  A little casual, a little comfortable, a little sparkle for good measure.  What about you all?  Do you have any weekend outfit staples or requirements?

I'll begin posting my work outfits this upcoming week, which I'm excited about!  I have had fun putting them together, and it feels wonderful to be in work clothes again!

Have a great Sunday!

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