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Summer Uniform, Part 2

Top: Calvin Klein, thrifted | Jeans: JCPenney | Sandals: Target

I mentioned on Monday that I've been wearing a lot of cuffed jeans with tanks recently.  This outfit was another that fit the formula of that summer uniform, minus the scarf.  I have gotten tons of wear out of this tank since I thrifted it nearly a year ago - other than my favorite Old Navy tanks, it's only one of two sleeveless tops that I have!  I feel like this is a section of my wardrobe that is certainly lacking, and once my shopping freeze is over (or if I use some rewards and gift cards), I'd really love to focus on getting some more sleeveless tops like this one.  They're perfect because they can be worn alone like this, or layered underneath cardigans, jackets, and blazers (but you all know that...haha...).

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