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NOPE + Guest Post!!

Top: Kohls | Pants / Flats: Old Navy

Ughhh, I really didn't like this outfit much at all.  I think this top is so pretty, but it looks pretty awkward on me!  Ah!  I tried tucking it in, but that looked super weird and awkward.  Now that I look at the picture, though, leaving it untucked wasn't much of an improvement, haha.  I just kind of feel like this outfit makes me look like the mayor of Frump City.  Oh well.  I think next time I wear this blouse, I'll try wearing it with a skirt so that I can tuck it in, or maybe with another layer on top of it to keep it from looking too boxy.  What would you have done with this outfit to make it look a little less awful??

Also, I'm guest posting on Anne's blog about my experience doing a shopping freeze for the past three months.  Check the post out here!

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