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Top: Target | Pants: Old Navy | Wedges: Payless | Necklace: From my mom

I wore this outfit to my first day of New Teacher Workshop last week.  We spent most of the day in meetings and trainings, but I still felt comfortable and professional all day.  [Also, y'all need to try out  the Pixie ankle pants if you haven't yet.  Just saying.]  I haven't worn my ankle pants very much (or at all?!) this summer, so it was really exciting to have a reason to wear them!  I have several pairs of these pants, so I am eager to give them all a ton of attention this fall in my new job.

I also really loved the colors of this outfit as well.  Clearly, the teal pants steal the show (at least in my eyes!), and I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit in a neutral color scheme with a white top and black accessories.  I'm pretty sure that almost every time I've worn these pants, I've worn black and/or white with them, so I would like to try to branch out at some point.  We'll see, though...I am kind of married to my neutrals, haha!

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