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Shirt / Shorts: Old Navy | Shoes: Target

Making: many trips to my new office to get it all set up for the school year.
Cooking: new vegetarian recipes (I went full vegetarian about two months ago!).
Drinking: water, water, water.
Reading: Jurassic Park...because I'm a huge nerd.  But seriously, it's SO good, and I think dinosaurs are cool.
Wanting: to try out roller derby.  Also, another tattoo.
Looking: at my darling puppies staring out the window.  They're in their happy places as long as there's a window.
Playing: lots of Monopoly and Clue with my nanny girls.
Wishing: for all individuals struggling with mental illness to receive the help and assistance they need...and that there was no stigma against mental health disorders.  (Robin Williams' death is making me so sad and heartsick.)
Enjoying: spending meaningful time with Kevin before we start back at work and school.
Waiting: patiently for my best friend's baby to be born in September...and my cousin's baby to be born in November (but keep cooking, little boys!!).
Liking: getting to wear all the things in my closet...remix challenges are fun, but I like being able to wear all my clothes!  Haha.
Wondering: if I'll be a good school counselor.
Loving: yogurt raisins.  I eat a handful (or two, let's just be real...) every day.
Hoping: that I'll be able to find a fun form of exercise that will take me through the winter.  Any suggestions?
Needing: regular paychecks and our new health insurance.  Woo!
Smelling: the brown sugar cinnamon coffee cake Kevin put in the oven for brunch.
Wearing: shorts, and not hating my body in them...PROGRESS!!
Noticing: how much I have changed over the past several years.
Knowing: I'll be supported in my new job.
Thinking: about all the great TV shows Kevin and I have cranked through this summer (Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story: Asylum, the first season of Breaking Bad, and the first six seasons of The Office - anyone else rewatch their favorite series over and over again??).
Bookmarking: all kinds of school counseling ideas.
Opening: and closing my shopping cart on various store websites.  It's been nearly 3 months since I've bought anything, and I'm starting to feel the itch to shop again...more on this later...
Feeling: stressed to the max, but happy despite it all.
Giggling: at pictures of baby seals.  I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

This list has been circulating the internet for a long time, but I first saw it on The Daybook.

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