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20x30 | So Attractive...

Tee: Target | Vest / Jeans: Old Navy | Flats: Payless | Necklace: From my mom

1. Yes, I'm wearing my green vest again.  SHAMELESS.
2. I love love love how black and olive look together.  I feel like every other outfit that I pin has black and olive in it.
3. It was hella windy outside this day, so not only did I need Kevin to take my photos (my phone kept blowing over in the wind), but I needed to take them here is our zebra painting (the zebra's name is Josh, by the way).  Also, don't mind the extension cord.  We're not classy.

[Photographic evidence of why we needed to go inside for photos...every single one turned out as ridiculous as this're welcome.]

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