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20x30 | Work Outfits & A 20x30 Week 1 Collage

Dress / Sandals: Old Navy | Cardigan: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Necklace: Maurices 

Shirt: Target | Vest / Jeans: Old Navy | Flats: Payless | Necklace: From my mom

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Kevin and I had a great long weekend, hanging out with his parents and brothers.  Kevin's grandparents brought their bikes over for us to ride for the weekend, so we went on a great, long bike ride (PS. Isn't it awesome that Kevin's grandparents, in their late 70s, still ride bikes?!  I want to be like that when I get older!).  We also played badminton, had minnow races, took our dogs to the dog park to wear them out, and played a ton of games.  A great weekend, to be sure :)

I wore these two outfits last week when I went to my new school to work for a couple of days.  As a high school counselor, I'm busy getting schedules set up for all of my students (I have about 400 students on my caseload), to make sure that they have the classes they need, that things are in the right order, and that seniors are on track to graduate.  It's such a puzzle to get everything to fit, and I love the challenge.  This week, I'll be back at the high school to plan out the year's worth of college and career lessons.  I'm so excited to be doing actual work for my job!!

Also, I'll be linking up my first 6 outfits of the 20x30 challenge with Caitlin today.  Here's a collage of my outfits!  Which one is your favorite of the week?

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