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20x30 | Stripes...

 Dress / Vest: Old Navy | Belt / Sandals: Target

This is another nanny-approved outfit - my girls thought it was so cute, ha!  I think it's adorable when they comment on what I'm wearing.  All three girls are very into clothing and have their own distinct styles, even though it often doesn't look like they gave much thought into what they're's super cute.

After nannying, I went to the mall with my best friend to help her pick out some clothes for an upcoming trip to Atlanta.  She doesn't have many "day dresses," so we focused on finding some that would be comfortable for her in the heat.  We went to H&M and Gap, and while we found some great things that would look amazing on her, she was really resistant to try anything with horizontal stripes because she was afraid they'd make her look fat.  It suuuper bummed me out, because A) she has a fantastic figure and is beautiful, and B) fashion rules suck.  I told her that I used to subscribe to that rule as well, but thinking that horizontal stripes would be unflattering on me was kind of tiring.  I love the look of stripes, so I decided to just wear them, damnit!  As long as the item fits and is flattering on you, the pattern shouldn't make a difference.

Are there any fashion rules that you reject??

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