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20x30 | Pink Cardigan x2 + Week 3 Collage

 Shirt / Shorts: Old Navy | Cardigan: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Sandals: Target

One of my best friends from grad school got a school counseling job just 15 minutes from me (!!), and she recently moved to her new town.  Kevin and I helped her move and get settled into her apartment the day I wore this outfit, which was a blast.  She has twin 13-year-old brothers who were there as well, and they were cracking us up the whole afternoon.  I'm so happy to have a good friend living so close to me now!
Tee / Jeans: Old Navy / Cardigan: Eddie Bauer, thrifted / Sneakers: Payless | Necklace: Eclectic Wendy Designs's another nannying outfit!  We had a random cool spell in Minnesota last week, so I wore this outfit on a 63-degree day!  It was perfectly comfortable for the cool day of relaxing, reading, and watching Harry Potter movies with my nanny girls.  I tried out the mint + pink color combination again (and wore the same pink cardigan two days in a row, which I never do...) and really liked the outfit.  The floral sneakers really tie the whole outfit together, don't you think??

Here is a collage of the third week of outfits for the 20x30 challenge!  I can't believe I'm over halfway done with the challenge already - I'm still enjoying getting dressed with such a small number of things.  I think my favorite outfits in this chunk are #13 + #14 - they just felt very true to my style, and they both feature some of my favorite things.

I'll be linking up with Caitlin and the other remixers, and Andi for Shorts Week!

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