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20x30 | Mint Bookends

Tee / Shoes: Old Navy | Skirt: LOFT | Scarf: Kohls

So...I try hard not to be super matchy-matchy, but I couldn't resist today!  I had already had on my mint sneakers to add a little color to this black and white tee and (wrinkly) white skirt, and instead of putting on a necklace, I decided to wear my mint scarf.  One thing I really love about wearing neutral pieces is that they look so different depending on how you accessorize them!  As I culled my closet, I tried hard to focus on keeping the neutral pieces with a few splashes of color (blues and pinks, mainly).  I still have a fair amount of colorful accessories as well, but as far as actual clothing pieces?  The vast majority is neutral, and I love it.

Also, I cannot get over how beautiful the sky looks here - I didn't edit this photo at's a straight out of the camera shot :)  I may be a city girl at heart, but this more rural area is so pretty!

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