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20x30 | Dressing for the Heat + Week 4 Collage

Top: Gap | Skirt: Lucky Brand, thrifted | Sandals: Target

I wrote last week about helping my friend move into her new house in the town next to ours.  A week later, I went back to her house to help her unload and assemble some new Ikea furniture.  We just had to mount a tall storage unit to the wall and put together a new dresser, but it took us forever because we kept screwing up (am I the only one who thinks the wordless instructions can be kind of confusing?!).  Luckily, we were creative in fixing our mistakes and it came together nicely...four hours later... This outfit really wasn't the most practical for putting together furniture, but it was super comfortable for a steamy, hot day.

Dress / Vest: Old Navy | Sneakers / Belt: Target

Another wickedly hot day (like ~100 degrees) called for a breezy, sleeveless dress.  I clearly haven't worn enough of my green vest this challenge (sarcasm alert), so I obviously had to throw it on again, haha.  I think this pink and white striped dress has become one of my favorite things in my closet all because of this challenge.  Seriously, it's so comfortable, quite flattering, and has been surprisingly versatile.  What more could I ask for?!

Here's the collage of this week's looks...these are some of my favorites of the challenge so far...particularly outfits 21, 23, and 24.  I felt wonderful in each of those outfits!!  It's getting down to the wire, so in the last six outfits of the challenge, I'm going to be trying to wear some of the pieces that haven't gotten as much love during the challenge as others, like my navy and white striped shirt and white skirt.

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