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20x30 | Color Boundaries

Tee: H&M | Cardigan: TJ Maxx | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

So, most of the time when I wear coral, I pair it with black or white.  I adore how coral looks with neutral colors (and most of what I own is neutral anyhow), but for the sake of the challenge, I decided to try pairing coral with another color: light pink/blush.  I wound up really liking the color combination, and I felt like a secret badass for pushing my own color boundaries (clearly, I'm a very tame person if wearing coral and pink together makes me feel BA).  As much as I liked the colors together, though, wearing this top and cardigan together just doesn't work for me.  I feel like the neckline on this shirt is too high for the v-neck style of my cardigan, so it looks really awkward.  Oh well!  The point of a remix challenge like this is to try new things, and now I know not to wear these two things together again, ha!

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