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20x30 | BIKES!

Top: H&M | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

I mentioned a few posts ago that Kevin and I got new bikes last week (I got this one, although mine is slightly modified - they had to special order a larger size because I am tall, haha).  Can I just say that I think I've found the perfect form of exercise for me?!  I am loving biking!!  It's seriously such a thrill!  On Saturday, Kevin and I went for a 12-mile ride that was all hills, and half of it was going against the wind.  My legs were burning but I felt so alive, ha!  And yesterday morning, we rode to an adorable little yellow house in the country that's for sale. [Side note: Kevin has been really into the idea of living in a modest house with some acreage so that we can grow a lot of our own food...I kind of love the idea too...any of you grow your own food?]  It was an 18-mile ride, and it was lovely.  I'm typically the kind of person who hates all forms of exercise (except for dance - I looove dancing), so to have found something I love this much is SO exciting!  I'm even going to try to commute to work on my bike once the school year starts...ah!

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