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20x30 | Another Vested Outfit, My Favorite Skirt 2.0, + Week 2 Collage

Tee / Shorts / Vest: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

There's not much to say about this outfit, except for the fact that it was incredibly comfortable and perfect for work.  I also have to point out that I took this photo right after a rain storm - isn't the sky cool behind me?  In person, it was much darker in parts, but I love the sun peeking through in the left side of the shot.  Sigh, I love nature.

 Tank: Old Navy | Jacket: Levi's | Skirt: Lucky Brand, thrifted | Sandals: Target | Necklace: oNecklace

Here's a crappy picture of an outfit that I really liked!  It features my favorite skirt again, and the 20x30 denim jacket + white tank debut.  At this point in the challenge, I've worn each of my 20 items at least once.  Not too shabby!
This round of outfits is pretty simple, but I'm actually quite alright with that.  I've really been enjoying putting together simpler outfits - no muss, no fuss, right??  I also want to point out that the first four outfits in this collage were worn when I was spending the long weekend at Kevin's parent's house (although I took my outfit photos ahead of time).  I'd do a packing post, but you can just look at what I packed & wore here, haha.

Like last Monday, I'll be linking up with Caitlin and the other 20x30 remixers today!  

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