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Unexpectedly Fun Weekend

 Shirt: H&M | Vest: Old Navy | Jeans: Gap | Sandals: Target

This was one of those weekends I wasn't particularly excited for.  Kevin went to Chicago with some buddies this weekend, so I was home alone.  Sometimes I really enjoy a free weekend at home, but this time around, I was super sad that he was going to be gone, and since I don't know anyone in our new town yet, I thought I would be super lonely all weekend.

My Friday quickly filled up, though!  My best friend from grad school hadn't been to our new house yet, so she came over Friday morning for coffee, catching up, playing with the dogs, etc.  That afternoon, another of my good friends from grad school asked if she could come over and watch Harry Potter movies with me (I did a Harry Potter movie marathon this weekend, because I'm 12-years-old and obsessed with HP).  Afterwards, Kevin's parents came over for dinner.  We grilled chicken bacon swiss burgers and asparagus, and I gave them a driving tour of our new town, and then we got custard from Culver's.  YUM.  The rest of the weekend consisted of more Harry Potter movies (I have two to go!), taking the dogs for nice, long walks, and reading a lot.  This week, I'll give you all a recap of what books I've read so far this summer - I'm eager to share!

What did your weekend look like?

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