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Tee: Hanes | Jeans: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx | Shoes: TOMS | Scarf: Target

My first outfit photos at our new house!  I used to take outfit photos by setting up my iPhone on a bookshelf/half wall thing in our living room and standing near our dining room table, and it worked pretty well (as long as the lighting was okay).  I haven't been able to find a good indoor location for outfit photos at our new place, but by setting my phone on our patio table, I can get my whole body in the shot and still take outfit photos on my own!  It's pretty exciting, because I haven't taken outdoor photos for my blog in about a year, haha.  I tried to have Kevin take some photos of me as well, but he always teases me about posing which leads to me being super embarrassed and awkward...and every photo turns out suuuper gross and unflattering, haha.  Patio table with the self-timer it is!!

I've been wearing a lot of plain outfits like this lately, since all we've done lately is move, get internet set up, make Target runs, and explore our new town.  I start my nannying gig today (!!), and I'm sure that my outfits will continue to look like this! :)

Thanks for reading!!

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