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Summer Essentials!

Tee / Sandals: Target | Jeans: Old Navy | Necklace: oNecklace

I'm taking a teeny break from Dress Week to participate in Third Thursday Threads over on Bri's blog.  This month, she asked people to link up with their summer essentials!  While I do wear a ton of dresses and skirts in the summer, I wanted to highlight a couple of other pieces that I find to be crucial in the summer!

Neutral v-neck tee | I love a good v-neck tee (today's is a v-neck but I'm wearing a black tank underneath to minimize cleavage, so it looks odd, haha).  I bought a bunch of those "dressy tees" from Target last summer, and this black one is the only one that has held up.  A plain v-neck like this is perfect for summer because it can be dressed up or down, worn with shorts, pants, and skirts, and lends itself to accessorizing nicely.

Patterned bottoms | Because a large portion of my tee collection is solid (I only have two striped tees but everything else is solid), I like to have plenty of patterned bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants, etc.) to bring some interest to my outfits.  Also, while it may seem weird to be wearing long pants during the summer, I actually really like having jeans on hand.  I spend a lot of time indoors, where the AC is always cranked.  And since I'm a freeze baby, I like having my legs covered so that I don't need to curl up in a blanket all summer, haha.  Plus, this way I don't need to shave as often ;)

Flat sandals | We all know that I almost exclusively wear flats all year round, so a comfortable pair of flat sandals like this black strappy pair is a necessity for me!  I like that I can slip them on and off easily, they keep me cool, and they are comfortable enough for me to take the dogs for a nice, long walk without getting blisters.

Simple necklace | I love a good, chunky necklace, but in the summer when I'm sweatier, they're just too sticky and heavy for me.  Instead, I wear my more delicate necklaces more often during the summer.

Painted toenails | I have this weird aversion to having my toenails unpainted.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that my toenails remain unpainted for a grand total of about 5 days per year.  While I tend to wear darker colors on my nails during the colder months, I tend to wear bright pinks and corals (like the coral I have on my toes now) when it's sandal season.

So there you have it - some of my summer essentials, all wrapped into one outfit!

Also, the picture below is the exact reason why I don't usually let Kevin take my outfit photos...he told me to choose a different pose and I went all awkward.  You're welcome.

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