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Not a Bumblebee + A Challenge for July

Tee / Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

I used to avoid wearing black and yellow together for fear of looking like a bee...but I've since gotten over that weird aversion and realized that black and yellow together can look quite nice!  I wore this on a hot, humid day last week and didn't want to bother with any necklaces or scarves, so I kept the outfit simple.  It's definitely not my favorite outfit by any means, but I was comfortable and it helped me stay cool in the heat, so I'll take it!

Caitlin from Greater Than Rubies is hosting a 20x30 remix challenge on her blog for the month of July.  Last July, I did a 30x30 remix and really enjoyed it.  I'm eager to up the ante and go through this challenge of wearing 20 articles of clothing for 30 days.  Shoes and accessories are not counted, FYI.  I've already selected my 30 items - I'll show them off on the blog on Monday, so stay tuned!

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