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 Tank / Shorts / Jeans: Old Navy | Sandals: Target | Cardigan: TJ Maxx | Necklace: From my mom

I plan my outfits a week in advance in my spreadsheets according to the weather forecast for the week as well as what I have on my schedule for the day.  I started out this day wearing jeans, but after about 2 hours, I noticed it was much hotter outside than I had anticipated.  It turns out that I had gotten two days confused and wound up wearing the jeans-outfit on a day where the temps reached 80+ instead of the 65 degree day I was expecting.  I changed into the shorts (which used to be skinny jeans that I my mom chopped off the legs and hemmed them into the perfect pair of shorts for me) and was wayyy more comfortable for the rest of the day.  Does anyone else rely on the forecast to get dressed, or am I way too anal about that??

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