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Dress: Old Navy | Belt: Target | Shoes: Converse | Necklace: Eclectic Wendy Designs

I had this necklace made shortly after Kevin and I were married.  One charm has a tree, one says "B&K," and the last one has our wedding date.

Happy anniversary to us!  Kevin and I got married four years ago, and what a journey it has been!!  Last year, I wrote about our wedding if you're interested in reading more about it.

As a tradition, I am wearing my wedding shoes today!  I rarely base an outfit around my shoes, but today I started from the ground up.  It also happens to be hot and grossly muggy where I live right now and it's Dress Week, so I decided to wear this sleeveless chambray dress and accessorize it with a navy belt, necklace, and headband.  For an outfit that kind of came together quickly and without much thought other than the shoes, I quite like it!!

Also, I made this little collage with some of my favorite pictures of Kevin and I.  We like to have fun together, and I think this picture does a great job of showing the dynamics of our relationship :)

I'm linking up with Andi and Heidi for Dress Week!

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