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Wet Dogs

Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx | Shoes: TOMS | Necklace: Forever 21

So, I actually wound up wearing this outfit for only about 30 minutes.  Let me tell you a story about why.

Kevin is an area coordinator at a residential college, so we live on a college campus.  The college just changed all of the locks in their doors, and the new ones automatically lock behind us.  This is fine and dandy, but I have to remember very hard to take my keys with me when I let the dogs outside because I'm not used to doing so!

The morning I wore this, it was dreary and sprinkling outside (hence the crappy photo quality...).  Rooney was scratching at the door while I was taking my outfit photos, so as soon as I took the photos, I threw leashes on the dogs and walked outside.  They did their business, and I went back to our door, and was locked.  I was so annoyed!  I tried to pick the lock with a stick (what an idiot...that never would have worked, haha!), but was obviously unsuccessful, so I said to the dogs, "alright, we're going on a little walk!"  The campus security office is about a block or two from our apartment, so we headed off in their direction.

As soon as we started walking, it started raining harder.  I was getting super wet from the rain, so my level of annoyance quickly started rising.  Plus, I don't know about any of you who have dogs, but when mine get wet (either from baths or the rain), they get crazy.  Like, all they want to do is run and wrestle.  So, not only was I getting rained on all over, but the dogs were pulling on their leashes and trying to wrestle with each other.

I made it to the campus security office, literally dripping wet, and asked if an officer could meet me over at our apartment to unlock it.  They said they'd have an officer there for me.  So, I head back out into the rain to walk back to our apartment.  By this time, the rain was coming down in sheets - I was freezing cold and literally soaked.  My pants were falling off because they were so weighed down by the rain, my shoes were squelching as I walked because they were so saturated, and I was getting pelted in the face with rain drops so hard that I couldn't keep my eyes open (and that was even with my glasses on!).  I met the security officer at our apartment and he graciously unlocked our door and waited in our entryway until the rain subsided.

After he left, I took this photo to send to Kevin and tell him how ridiculous my morning had been.  I was literally soaked down to my underwear, and freezing cold!  To make matters worse, right as I turned around after having taken this picture, I saw Pippin pooping a huge pile right by the door...after we had been outside for a good 20 minutes...I was not amused.  To clean it up, I grabbed a couple of Kleenexes that were on a nearby shelf, but stupid me forgot that when Kleenexes get wet (and my hands were still drenched), they disintegrate.  Ultimately, I was holding Pip's poop in my hand as I ran to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet.  RIDICULOUS.

After I had cleaned up Pippin's mess and washed my hands for a good 5 minutes, I peeled off my wet clothes to throw in the laundry (it is really hard to take of soaking wet jeans, by the way...I felt like my legs were in a Chinese finger trap), hopped in the shower to warm up, and decided that I had earned a t-shirt-&-leggings day.

So...that's the story of this outfit.  It's on my list of outfits to rewear since I really only had it on for a half an hour, and for most of it, I was dripping wet.  It was one of those situations that made me really pissed in the moment, but almost immediately afterwards, I was laughing hysterically about it because it really is just that ridiculous.

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