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The Past Couple of Weeks...

Dress: Target, thrifted
Jacket: Levi's
Boots: Guess
Necklace: From my mom
Tights: Target

I'm baaaack!  Here are a few bullet points of what I've been up to the past couple of weeks:
  • Finished up a massive group project for my family counseling class and presented to my class (this outfit is what I wore that day)
  • Wrapped up all of my classes for my Master's degree
  • Had my first school counseling job interview and...
  • ...GOT THE JOB!!!  (So, so, so excited!!)
  • Finished my school counseling internships (saying goodbye to the kiddos I've been working with all semester has been rough!)
  • Attended my first school counseling conference and presented twice!
  • Began working on turning my thesis into a journal article to get published
And...I graduate on Saturday.

The past two years have been CRAZY and intense, but I've really loved school.  I've kind of been living in a bit of a bubble during my program, and as excited as I am to enter back into the real world, I'm really sad to be leaving my cohort and professors.  I'm not the best at change, but I'm trying to be grateful for what I've experienced and get ready for this upcoming school year.  It feels amazing to have a full-time job lined up before I graduate - I'll get to relax this summer and prepare for my first year as a high school counselor!

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