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Shirt / Cardigan / Scarf: Old Navy | Pants / Flats: Kohl's

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got a new job!  I am going to be a high school counselor an hour south of Minneapolis in an adorable little city, and I can't wait.  I won't be starting officially until August, but I've been communicating with my principal and new coworkers (I'll be the fourth counselor on the team!).  I wore this outfit last week when I went to have lunch and spend the afternoon with my new team.  It was a perfect outfit for the occasion (especially because it was cold and rainy that day), and I had to represent their colors a little bit (their school colors are royal blue and silver...I figured navy and gray was a subtle nod).  And, like yesterday's post, these are the newly tailored gray pants that I'm so happy are wearable now!!

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