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Lunch With Friends & Tailored Pants

Shirt: H&M | Chambray: Old Navy | Pants: Kohl's | Flats: Payless

Since my nannying job won't begin until the girls are out of school (mid-June), I've had a lot of free time lately.  As a result, I've had the chance to hang out with some of my grad school friends and be able to talk about non-school things!  It's been fantastic.  I wore this outfit last week when I had lunch with my closest friend from my program.  It felt wonderful to sit and talk to her without any deadlines looming over our heads.  She's getting married in July, so we were able to really talk about wedding stuff too!

I bought these black ponte pants and an identical pair in gray months ago.  They're the Vera Wang line for Kohl's, and I absolutely love them.  However, while they fit perfectly when I first put them on, they tended to stretch out immensely over the course of the day, to the point where they were falling off my hips and making me feel super frumpy.  I brought both this pair and the gray pair to my mom and dad's house shortly after I got them so that my mom could tailor them for me, and we finally got around to doing it last week.  They fit so much better now, and I've already worn them a couple times since then. Thanks, Mom!!

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