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Lacey Peplum

Shirt: From my mom
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: Payless

In yesterday's budget post, I showed that I had bought these pants in April.  They're one of my favorite purchases of the month, because I know they're going to be quite versatile.  Not only are they comfortable, but the color is so fantastic, and with all the neutral tops that I have, they're going to be worn a ton.  I wore this outfit to my internship last week, and it was perfect.  The top I'm wearing here was a gift from my mom - it's lace and peplum...what else could I have asked for?!  Because the top is kind of a statement on its own, I kept the accessorizing in this outfit to a minimum, and I really liked the result!

PS. Doesn't the name of this post kind of remind you of a fashion-related superhero?  Lacey Peplum, destroyer of all the fashion trends that need to die!  Haha.  I crack myself up.

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