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Budgeting Bloggers: May + An Ambitious Challenge!

Old Navy
Gray tee: $6
Mint tee: $6 (not pictured in collage)
Pink tee: $6
Yellow tee: $6 (not pictured in collage)
Pixie shorts: $22
Snakeskin print dress: $2
Black/white printed ankle pants: $2 (not pictured in collage)
White tee: $8
White/pink striped dress: $34
Mint sneakers: $22
Total: $114 - $115 rewards and supercash = $-1!!!

White sneakers: $11 (not pictured in collage)

Navy sneakers: $20
Floral sneakers: $10 (not pictured in collage)

J. Jill
Pink tunic: $59 (not pictured in collage)
Tan tunic: $21 (not pictured in collage)
Olive leggings: $21 (not pictured in collage)
White tunic: $13 (not pictured in collage)
Total: $114 - $100 gift card from Katie's giveaway = $14

Total spending this month: $54

My focus for May was to purchase clothing items that I could wear this summer during my nannying gig, but that could also be worn during the school year at my new job as well.  Most of the purchases from Old Navy fit these criteria, especially the tees and dresses.  I also got a pair of the Pixie shorts, and I'm smitten.  They're super comfy!  I was really impressed with my spending at Old Navy as well - I had stockpiled some rewards and SuperCash for the month, so I wound up spending $-1!  Not too bad.

You'll also see that I bought four pairs of sneakers this month - whoops!  I have really been into the sneakers with skirts/shorts/dress/cuffed skinny jeans look, and I find them super comfortable as well.  I've worn all of them already, and I know they will make the perfect casual/weekend shoe all year round.

Last, I won a $100 gift card to J. Jill from Katie, who blogs over at Hems for Her, a few months ago (woooo!!!!!).  I finally had the chance to sit down and look at J. Jill's website, and I wound up ordering three tunics and a pair of leggings.  The tunics I ordered will all look great for work outfits with my ponte pants, or with more casual looks with leggings (like the new olive ones I ordered) or skinny jeans.  I'm eager to get them in the mail this week!

Also, I wrote in my last post about how Kevin and I are moving into a townhouse in the next couple of weeks (hooray!).  We've always had our housing paid for because of Kevin's job, so paying rent is something new for us.  Because of this and the fact that my student loans will come out of deferment soon, we are seriously focusing on budgeting right now.  We don't want to pay off our loans for the next ten years, so we're going to try to tackle them pretty seriously.  This means, however, that our "fun money" is going to need to be reassessed...and this affects my clothing budget.

Since I know from my closet inventory that I have more than enough already, and I know from having completed two 30x30 remix challenges that having less in my closet actually makes it easier and more fun for me to get dressed, I've been thinking a lot about my shopping/spending habits.  After much thought and discussion with Kevin, I am going to try to make it a year without spending any of our income on clothing.  WHAT?!  I might be crazy.  I've been successful before at a shopping ban, and I loved how it made me feel, so I'm feeling excited yet slightly nervous for the year-long ban.

I will have a few exceptions, though.  Since I'm really hoping to lose some weight this year as I transition into a full-time job (which will give me a lot more free time to be active and cook than I've had while in grad school), I will allow myself to spend some money on (thrifted or clearance) replacement pieces over the next year.  I also am allowed to use gift cards on clothing, since they will not come out of our income.  Additionally, since I will need to have some school spirit apparel for my new job, I will allow myself to purchase a few pieces from our school store to wear on spirit days.  Finally, my beloved 3-year-old black boots (which I wear constantly in the fall and winter) finally kicked the bucket this year with holes in the bottoms, and I am going to allow myself to buy a new pair of black boots since they are such a staple in my wardrobe.

I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be an easy task for me, given my history of loving to shop and spend.  However, I know it will be rewarding and will help us get a head start on tackling our student loan debt (which, in my opinion, is way more important than buying some cute pants or a dress...).  I also love a good challenge, and this, my friends, is a huge challenge for me.

I'll definitely blog about this over the course of the year, because I know that it will help me stay accountable.  I also know that engaging in dialogue with my blogging friends and readers will be helpful as well!

So...wish me luck!  The challenge starts June 1!!

Linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers!

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