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Budgeting Bloggers: April

I'm always so shocked when the end of the month comes around - I feel like I just wrote last month's budget post!  Here's a summary of what I bought this month:

TJ Maxx
- Mint Cynthia Rowley fit & flare dress - $25 (not pictured)

- Jessica Simpson skinny jeans - $25 (not pictured)

Old Navy

- Teal ankle pants - $15
- Denim & velvet ankle pants - $5
- Black ankle pants - $20
- Gray ponte dress - $16

- Light pink lacy shirt - $12 (very similar pictured)
- Cream lacy shirt - $12 (not pictured)

- Floral Lucky Brand skirt - $4 (not pictured)
- Gray leopard dress (new from Target) - $8 (not pictured)
- Leopard dress (new from Target) - $8

Total: $150

I wound up spending much more than I had originally planned this month, but I honestly feel so good about everything that I bought.  Because of my recent weight gain, I had been feeling so discouraged by not being able to fit into such a huge amount of clothes in my closet.  When I was looking for clothes to wear for my first school counseling job interview, I realized I had nothing in my closet that fit me and was appropriate for an interview, and I only had about three pairs of work-appropriate pants.  I wound up heading to Old Navy and bought some more pairs of my favorite ankle pants in addition to a fantastic and flattering gray ponte dress.  I love how I look and feel in these pants and the dress, so they were definitely great purchases.  I'm also presenting at my first professional conference this upcoming week so these new pieces will be perfect for that.

When I got to meet Andi for lunch and shopping at the Mall of America, I bought two very pretty lacy shirts (super similar to the one pictured above).  They're so comfortable and will look great with ankle pants, skinny jeans, or a skirt.I've really enjoyed being much more discerning and critical while shopping lately.  I genuinely love all of my pieces this month, and was not even too bummed out spending a little bit more on some of the pieces that I got.  Because I'm going to be needing a larger professional wardrobe this fall, I'm enjoying picking out pieces right now that will be appropriate for work, but also that I can wear throughout this spring and summer as well.

I did just place a large online order from Old Navy with a few more pieces for the summer and fall with SuperCash and rewards that I've been stocking up on.  I haven't received anything yet, and I know some pieces will be getting returned, so I'll include them in my May budget post next month.

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