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A New Home

Tee / Scarf / Sneakers: Old Navy | Skirt: Bettie Page

Since I accepted a new job an hour away from where we live right now, Kevin and I have been spending a lot of our time over the past month looking for a place we can live.  We wound up finding a beautiful townhouse to rent in the town that I'll be working in!  I wore this outfit to our showing...which we actually breezed through.  Apparently, it was an open showing, and whoever got their application in first would get the townhouse (so long as the application was accepted).  When we got to the showing, there were already a couple of other families there, so we quickly looked at the space, talked to the woman in charge, and handed her our already-completed application.  It was super fast and nerve-racking, but this was the only place we could rent in the town my school is in that we could also have our dogs...and for all of you with fur babies, you know that this is a priority!!  We're glad that we wound up going fast, though, because on our way out, another man came in with an application.  First come, first serve...and we found out a couple days later that the townhouse was ours!  Whew!

We're actually signing our lease tomorrow morning, but due to Kevin's work schedule, we don't actually move in for another week and a half.  I'm so excited to get to our new space, though.  Since our housing is tied to Kevin's job and we've been living on college campuses since we graduated from high school, we are super pumped to have a garage...a garbage can to bring out to the curb...only one neighbor instead of hundreds of college sophomores...a yard...a fireplace...etc.  We finally feel like grown ups, haha!

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