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Shirt / Sweater / Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: TJ Maxx

I really, really resisted the recent trend of sweaters with animals on them for a long time.  I know that when I was a little kid, I would have wanted all of them, but as I've gotten older, I sometimes feel like they're a little cutesy for a grown-up.  They can look cute on some people (and it really depends on the animal image for me...), but I hesitated buying one for myself.  My sister-in-law convinced me to buy this one at Old Navy for $4 back in December because a) it was $4, and b) IT HAS A DOG ON IT (I love dogs).  And...then it sat in my closet unworn for a long time because Kevin teased me about it when I brought it home, and I was 2% embarrassed about it.  The dog, however, won me over, and I decided to finally give it the attention it deserves.  While I still felt the slightest bit silly in my dog sweater, I wound up liking this outfit.  It's the first time I've tried wearing a button up under a pullover sweater, and I thought these shoes looked cute and quirky with the outfit.  Yeah, it's still pretty cutesy for me, but it was fun and different from what I usually wear.  Plus, I wore it to my elementary school internship, and the kiddos loved my dog sweater.  WIN.

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