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Casual Friday

Tee / Jeans: Old Navy
TOMS: From my mom
Necklace: Forever 21

It's been another couple of crazy weeks for me.  I graduate in 15 days, and it's been pretty crazy trying to wrap up all my projects, finish all my internship hours, prepare for presentations, and write final papers.  I've also been applying for jobs (and had my first interview yesterday!), which takes up a ton of time.

Last week, I had my colloquium, which is where I presented the research I've been conducting about gifted adolescent girls over the past two years to my advisor, internship supervisors, classmates, family, and friends.  It wound up being fantastic.  I loved being able to share all of my research with everyone, and I got fantastic feedback from my advisor.  Just one more thing to check off my list, right??

I've been dressing much more simply lately...maybe because my schedule has been hectic and I don't want to think so much about my clothes?  Maybe because my sense of style has gotten more simple?  I'm not exactly sure why, but I have been really enjoying my outfits as of late.  Today's outfit couldn't be more basic, but I really love it.  It was the perfect studying outfit - comfortable and easy, but still cute enough with the navy crocheted TOMS (I'll get a detailed shot of them later - they're very cute!), necklace, and headband.

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