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Turtle, Turtle

Shirt / Tights: Target
Skirt / Boots: Target, thrifted new
Necklace: Forever 21

As I was putting laundry away this past week, I saw my black turtleneck hanging out in between all my buttons ups and cardigans.  I've been so into wearing button ups all winter that I kind of forgot about my turtleneck!  I decided I was going to make a point of styling it this week.  This skirt seemed to be a good fit for it - while there isn't any black in the skirt, it still looks great with a black shirt.  I think it allows the print of the skirt to really pop.  As much as I like to winterize this skirt, I am actually really excited to wear it sans tights this spring and summer.  If only it would start to warm up...

[Also, I have to acknowledge the massive shoulder nipple on my turtleneck...awkward.]

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