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The Best Dress?

Dress / Leggings : Old Navy
Boots / Belt: Target
Scarf: JCPenney

I mentioned a while back that I had been sorely neglecting my dresses this winter.  I've worn this dress a few ways on the blog so far.  I can't say this outfit is super different from the other ways (still wearing the black leggings, black boots, and black belt), but I did add another color - mint! - in the mix for something different!  I do really like how this turned out, and it reminded me again of just how much I love the way a fit and flare dress looks on me.  I'm hoping that this style will be popular again this spring/summer so that I can pick up a few more dresses like this.  I just feel comfortable, confident, and cute in this style, and shouldn't I want to feel like this every day?  I think so :)

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