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Style Swap: Blue Lace Dress

Dress / Boots / Tights / Belt: Target
Scarf / Cardigan: Old Navy 

I'm participating in my first Style Swap with Ginny!  Of course, I had to use my girl Danielle as inspiration for my first one.  I love Danielle's style, and I think she does a great job of getting the most out of all the pieces in her closet.  This outfit immediately stood out to me when I saw it on her blog a couple weeks ago.  I loved the blue and brown together, and it reminded me that I haven't worn my lace dresses in a long time.  Since I have the exact same cardigan and a similar blue lace dress, I decided this would be a fantastic outfit to recreate!  I really, really like how it turned out...but, I had never realized just how SHORT this dress is!  Luckily, I love my long legs, so I wasn't too bothered wearing it so short.  I think wearing tights with it is helpful - I feel like I have better coverage, haha.

Linking up with Ginny and Heather today!

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