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Scarf Swap!

Shirt / Cardigan / Jeans / Flats: Old Navy
Scarf: Borrowed from my friend, Inge!

My dear blogging friend Inge so graciously sent me this scarf to borrow for a little while after I had fangirled so hard about it forever.  I have worn it a few times, and I'm finally putting up one of the outfits on the blog!  I am utterly in love with the print on the scarf, and it was hard to decide which colors to pair with it first!  Ultimately, I decided to pick up on the greenish blue tones of the scarf and wear it with my new green oxford.  While the shades don't match up exactly, I still think they look quite nice together!  I have also worn the scarf with my brown sweater, and I'm eager to try it out once with my magenta shirt before sending it back home to Ms. Inge.  Isn't it great to have blogging friends with whom you can share clothes?!

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