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Plain to Polished: White Tee & Jeans

Tee: Kohls
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Payless

Cardigan: Gap
Scarf: From my mom
Shoes: Converse 

It's been such a long time since I've done a Plain to Polished post!  The combination of a white tee and jeans is so ubiquitous, and while I love how crisp and clean it can be, I also think it can be really bland. In my plain outfit, I am just wearing a white tee, jeans, and nude flats.  No accessories, no layers, no color.  With just a few adjustments, you can see how a plain white tee and jeans can actually look cute and interesting!  I added a cardigan, not only for a little warmth, but also to tie in the navy blue from the scarf.  Instead of wearing a pair of boring flats, I thought my sparkly Converse would be a fun touch!  I also am wearing a pair of navy pearl earrings as well as my navy flower headband.  I love the final result!  It's a cute, casual outfit that made me feel like a million bucks for a day of class.

What do you think of the "polished" outfit?  Is this a feature you'd like to see more often on the blog?

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