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I'm Baaaaack!

Shirt / Jeans: Old Navy
Cardigan: Kohls
Ankle boots: Payless 

Hello!  I'm back from my little blogging break, and it feels great!  I so appreciate all of your support, encouragement, and understanding while I was on my break.  I spent the week writing my thesis and submitted all 87 pages of it yesterday afternoon.  Boy, does that feel great to have completed!!  I also was able to complete some other projects, apply to several jobs, and help Kevin with some job applications of his own.  Additionally, I spent some time this weekend hanging out with my family, which was a much-needed break from all the paper-writing!

I wore this outfit during the first week in March, but it never made it to the blog.  You can tell it's an oldie because of my shaggy hair, ha!  I really like the mustard and navy together - a classic color combination, right?  I wanted to show off a few details in the second photo.  This headband was a birthday gift from my best friend Andria, and I absolutely love it.  The beading is beautiful, and I love the sparkle it gives to my outfits.  The earrings I'm wearing were made by Amber, who did the photography in our wedding.  She and her husband spent a year traveling the world a couple of years ago.  Through her travels, she collected all kinds of interesting beads and created jewelry to sell on her etsy site.  I love these earrings and how unique they are - truly one of a kind!

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