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Closet Inventory...Part One

Back in September, Kimmie did a closet inventory post on her blog to help her see what she has in her closet already.  Six months later, she did a follow-up post, to see how her number had changed after having purged some things and purchased others.  I finally have gotten around to creating my own closet inventory post, adapted from Kimmie's.  (Note: Kimmie did not include accessories or camis in her posts.  I did, because I know that these are things that can easily get out of hand in my closet and I want to keep those numbers under control.  Also, I did not include loungewear, swimwear, or undergarments in my tally.)

Here's what I have in my closet:

Camis: 21
Sleeveless/tank tops: 13
Short-sleeve: 8
3/4 or long-sleeve: 14
Button ups/popovers: 18
Cardigans: 17
Pullover sweaters: 11
Total tops: 102

Denim jeans (black/blue): 9
Colored/patterned jeans: 4
Pants: 13
Leggings: 10
Shorts: 5
Skirts: 10
Total bottoms: 51

Sleeveless dresses: 7
Short sleeved dresses: 9
3/4 or long-sleeved dresses: 11
Total dresses: 27

Vests: 5
Blazers: 6
Light jackets: 7
Winter coats: 1
Total jackets: 19

Flats: 13
Wedges: 4
Flat sandals: 7
Sneakers/TOMS: 7
Boots: 11
Total shoes: 42

Scarves: 28
Necklaces: 43
Headbands: 14
Earrings: 33 (not including studs)
Bracelets: 4
Tights: 23
Belts: 14
Total accessories: 159

Total items: 400

I was seriously overwhelmed when I tallied everything up, and couldn't believe that I have 400 things in my closet.  Yikes.  I feel kind of gross about it.  That's a lot of stuff.  To be fair, I have a lot of things in my closet right now that I need to get rid of, but I thought I'd include these things in my tally since this is where my "starting point" is.

My goal is to try to get my number down right around 200, or even less...and I want everything in my closet to be something that I love, fits me well, works for my lifestyle, and is versatile.  Kevin and I are going to be moving in a few months, so I'm eager to get rid of a ton of things sooner than later so I don't have to carry them with me to our next home.

I'm hoping to keep you all updated on the progress of my closet every few months (perhaps every 3 months?  Every 6 months?  I haven't quite decided yet...).  As much as I hate getting rid of clothing because I get irrationally emotionally attached to my clothes, it feels really good to purge and get rid of the things that are merely taking up space in my closet.

While I have a lot of things that I do need to get rid of, I also konw that I will need to add some things to my closet as well.  I only have 8 short-sleeved tops, and I since I hardly ever wear sleeveless tops without a layer on top, I am going to try and find some more short-sleeved tops that I can wear as the weather warms up.  I'm hoping to check out some good deals at our local thrift stores and TJ Maxx, I think.  I also have a nice Old Navy reward sitting in my account right now, so I may find some tees at Old Navy as well.

So, this is where things are at right now.  400 pieces.  I'm ready to cut that down by 50%.  Think I can do it??  Wish me luck!

I'd be really interested to see how many pieces others have in their closets as well.  As icky as it feels to have this many things in my closet, I am actually feeling quite motivated to make a change and get rid of the excess.  Anyone care to join me??

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