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Budgeting Bloggers - March

Old Navy
Two white tanks, a black tank, and a pink tank - $20 (only the pink one is pictured)
Light blue pintucked top - $5 (not pictured)
Navy/white striped top - $5 (the one pictured is gray/white, but navy/white is not available online anymore)

Beige boots - $15

Gray boots - $35

Total for March: $80

I wound up breaking my no-shopping streak in mid-March, and I'm actually really okay with it.  I feel proud to have gone a month and a half without spending any money, and I found myself being much more intentional with the purchases that I did make this month.  For instance, while I have a decent shoe collection, the winter-appropriate shoes I have are pretty much all knee-high boots.  I've been really liking the look of flat ankle/mid-calf boots, and since I'm tired of wearing my taller boots, I decided to start looking for a few other pairs of boots that I can wear more of the year.  I also wanted to make sure that I got colors that I didn't already have in my closet, which is how I wound up with beige boots and gray boots.  So far, I've worn each pair several times, and I'm absolutely smitten with them.

I bought the tanks at Old Navy when I realized that I was still wearing camisoles that I originally bought when I was in college...and I graduated four years ago.  Yikes!  As much as it feels anticlimactic to purchase replacements of basics, I am very happy to have some new tanks that aren't dingy white or faded black.  I also bought the pink one because I've really been enjoying this pretty shade of light pink lately and am eager to wear it with skirts this spring and summer!

The navy and white striped long-sleeved tee was purchased because I recently accepted that I am most comfortable in an outfit that is, fundamentally, jeans and a tee.  I love the way a striped long-sleeved tee looks layered under a cardigan or jacket/blazer, and I wear long-sleeved tees like this much of the year (even in the spring or summer with the sleeves pushed up!).  The price was right, and after loving the Old Navy perfect tees for a while now, I thought it was a wise purchase.

The light blue pintucked top (not pictured in the collage) was a little bit more of an impulse buy, but I still truly love it.  I haven't been looking for any more light blue shirts (I already have a few too many chambray tops...), but the style of this one was so flattering on me, and super comfortable.  I've also been told many times that blue is "my color" why not embrace that and stock up on blue tops?!

I'm working on a post in the next week or so to outline some of my current struggles with my closet and getting dressed...I'm feeling the need to change things up, and I'm super excited about shifting stuff.

I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers.

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