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Wicked + Giveaway Winner!

Blouse: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: JCPenney
Boots: From my mom
Necklace: Gift from my brother's girlfriend 

Because I love neutrals so much, I've been intentionally wearing this blouse with brighter colors to not get stuck in a trap of only wearing with other neutrals, you know?  I've worn it one other time (off the blog) with my mint cardigan, and today I decided to be bold and wear it with lime green.  I love black and lime green together (maybe it's because I love Wicked so much??), so wearing this outfit felt great!  It's gotten obnoxiously cold in Minnesota again, so a little bit of bright green was needed to get through the day, haha.  What do you think?

PS.  Congratulations to Andi, who is the winner of the Blue Nile branch necklace giveaway!

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