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No Longer Neglected: Purple Blouse + Floral Cardigan

Blouse: Target, thrifted new
Cardigan / Flats: Target
Jeans: Old Navy

Hello!  I'm back after my little blogging break - it was just what I needed to get some projects done for school, take some outfit photos, and get all squared away for this week.  With everything that I've got going on these days, it's important to take some time away for self-care, and that's exactly what I did!

For most of February, Kate has been doing a No Longer Neglected challenge, in which she gives some love to pieces in her closet that don't get worn as much as other pieces.  She did the challenge last March as well, and I participated in a few days then.  All month, I've wanted to jump in, but I haven't been able to get coordinated enough to plan the outfits, take the photos, write the posts, etc.  So...even though February is almost over, I'm still going to participate a little bit!

Today's neglected pieces are my purple blouse and floral cardigan.  I used to wear this cardigan all the time, but I haven't picked it out to style for quite a while (I wore it on the blog a year ago tomorrow, and that's it!).  This purple blouse used to be a favorite as well - I love the color and the style of it, but it's kind of big and blousey and awkward to wear.  I only wear it with a cardigan or blazer over it because of the way it fits.  I really probably should get rid of it because it is so awkward, but I love the color and the ruffles, so it still hangs out in my closet...

Oh!  Also, remember that the Blue Nile giveaway ends tomorrow!  If you haven't yet entered, you still have a little time - I can't wait to choose the winner!

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