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How I Plan for a 30x30 Remix

At the end of my 30x30 remix challenge, Danielle commented that she was interested in seeing how I go about planning for the challenge.  I've blogged about my outfit tracking spreadsheets before, but I really liked Danielle's suggestion of walking you all through how I go about planning for the 30x30 challenge.

The Pieces

My first step in the process is to choose my 30 items.  I begin by opening a new sheet on my clothing spreadsheet, titling it "30x30 items."  Then, I make columns for each of the clothing categories.  Note: I like to include shoes in my remix, because I feel like it is more of a challenge when you have to limit footwear as well.

I have a few ways of choosing items: pieces that I know will be versatile (like my skinny jeans and boots), pieces of interest (like my purple vest and polka dot chambray dress), and pieces that I want to force myself to remix (like both of my striped long-sleeved tees).  I also like to make sure that I have pieces that will work for my work and internship dress codes, but ones that I would be happy wearing on the weekends as well.  Weather is another thing to consider - since it is so cold in January in Minnesota, I knew I wanted to have pieces that I could layer for extra warmth.  Finally (and obviously...), I want to include pieces that I know can be mixed and matched easily without looking like I'm trying too hard to make them work together.

Once I've selected all my pieces, I start to plan potential outfits.

The Outfits

Now that I have all my 30 pieces, I open up another sheet in my clothing spreadsheet and title it "30x30 ideas."  I start with my tops (and then move to dresses) and try to create either A) as many outfits as I can with that piece, or B) at least 3 outfits with that piece.

When I first started this spreadsheet, I went with option A, but it quickly got overwhelming - at one point, I had about 75-80 unique outfits with just these pieces!  I pared down the outfits that I knew I probably would not want to wear and whittled down my list to about 45 outfits.  Since I plan my outfits around my tops and my dresses, I make sure that my layering pieces, bottoms, and shoes are all getting included in the outfits I'm planning.

You'll see in the above screenshot that some of the outfits are highlighted in yellow - those are the outfits that I actually wore during the challenge.

The Master Spreadsheet

The first "sheet" in my clothing spreadsheet, as you can see at the bottom of the below screenshot, is called "Outfits."  This is the spreadsheet that I've been adding to for over a year now - if you look at the righthand side of the screenshot, you can see that I've been tracking for over 600 days now!

When I planned my 30x30 outfits for the week (I usually plan on Sundays), I went to my "30x30 ideas" spreadsheet and then copied & pasted the outfits from that sheet to the "Outfits" sheet below.  This is when I would go into the "30x30 ideas" spreadsheet and highlight the "used" outfits in yellow.

Also, you'll see that the date in the left-hand column is highlighted in blue.  I highlighted the dates of the challenge so that I could easily find my 30x30 challenges in the master spreadsheet if I wanted to go back and look at it.  When I'm not doing the challenge, I just leave the date unfilled.

Keeping Track

To keep track of my items and how often they had been worn, I color coded them in the "30x30 items" sheet.  This is what the spreadsheet looks like at the end of the challenge, with every item coded for how many times they had been worn.  Each color corresponds with a number.  For instance, blue items were worn twice, green items were worn three times, pink items were worn seven times, etc.

I updated the colors on this spreadsheet as I went along on the challenge, so I would know which pieces I needed to wear again (I always want to wear each piece at least twice) and which pieces needed to take a break.

So...there you have it!  A super long, ridiculously nerdy and anal-retentive organization system for how I survive the 30x30 remix challenge!  Please let me know if you have any questions - I have been using this system for coming up on two years now, and it has been really helpful.  [Also, I hope none of you are scared away by how crazy this is...]

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