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Shirt / Cardigan: Old Navy Pants: Kohls Boots: Guess Bracelet: c/o Anjolee

I was sent a beautiful bangle bracelet from Anjolee, a jewelry company that specializes in customized diamond pieces.  The company prides itself on its customizability, high quality jewels, and excellent prices.  When you order a piece, they custom build it for you - the company does not have any inventory because everything is custom made!  I have to say that I am thrilled with this piece.  I have not worn bracelets in years because I usually find them to be too cumbersome and bulky, but this bracelet was light and dainty enough for me to wear it all day.  I'm glad I selected this particular piece because it goes with so much of my other jewelry (I don't love mixing metals) and it's versatile enough that I can wear it with almost any outfit!  I really like the extra sparkle it gives to this otherwise plain outfit.  I hope you're ready to see a lot more of this bracelet, because I love it!

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