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30x30: Favorites & Flops

I've had a few days to recover and reflect after completing my second 30x30 remix challenge, and I thought I'd share a little recap with you all about how it went for me.

The Favorites

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

  • 1 // I had my first try at intentionally wearing navy and black together in this first outfit.  The black necklace and polka dot tights kept it interesting.
  • 2 // The gray skirt posed to be an unexpectedly challenging piece to style during the challenge, but I loved the simplicity of this outfit and the pop of purple from the tights.
  • 3 // This outfit may be one of my all-time favorites in the history of ever.  I felt so comfortable and beautiful in it, and the silhouette is perfect on my body!
  • 4 // I kind of threw this black, gray, and mustard outfit together, but the gray studded belt around my waist sealed the deal in making this outfit one of my favorites of the challenge.
  • 5 // Originally hesitant about all the layers in this outfit, I am really glad I included it.  It became another unexpected favorite of the challenge, and it's a look I'll likely try again!

The Flops
1 // 2 // 3

  • 1 // As I mentioned above, this gray skirt was difficult for me to style during the challenge.  I tried wearing it with other neutrals and just didn't love how it looks without a little color.  Plus, I feel the sweater is a bit too slouchy in the arms to look good with this outfit.  It looks all-around frumpy and I wasn't a fan.
  • 2 // This outfit is ridiculously plain, lacking color, and looks unflattering.  A bright scarf or necklace and a quick untuck of the shirt would have done wonders for the outfit.
  • 3 // Like the first outfit, I felt the neutrals in this outfit looked too disjointed.  While I love the overall silhouette, I feel like the brown tights look yucky with the outfit.  I think it would have looked so much cuter if I had worn nude pantyhose (or gone barelegged) instead!
All in all, I am pleased with how my second 30x30 experience went.  I picked some great pieces that were basic and very remixable.  If I do this again, I will want to choose a few more colorful and/or patterned pieces instead of playing it a little safe again (like I did during my first 30x30 remix).  Luckily, I was able to rely on my accessories to add more color and interest to my outfits, but I'd like to be just a tad bolder next time.  I did really enjoy doing this challenge during the cooler weather, because I am a huge fan of layering and was able to layer to my heart's content all month.

Stay tuned later this week to see how I plan for, organize, and keep track of my items for the 30x30 challenge.  It will be full of screenshots of my nerdy spreadsheets and evidence of my anal retentive tendencies.  Hooray!

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