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Budgeting Bloggers - January

Okay, so I majorly failed again at not shopping in January.  Honestly, though, the things that I picked up are going to be fantastic additions to my closet.  Most of what I got are cardigans and oxford button up shirts, all of which I wear year-round.  I absolutely would not have gone to spend any money at all, but I got a bunch of SuperCash and had some Old Navy rewards that were going to expire, so I decided to take advantage of them.'s what I bought...and everything is from Old Navy (typical).

  • Floral blouse, $5 - I've been looking for some more printed button ups to layer underneath cardigans and sweaters.  This one fit the bill!
  • Striped denim oxford, $15 - I just really liked how thick this was, and the stripes are perfect on their own or for pattern mixing.
  • Green oxford, $5 - I had this in my online shopping cart forever, and was really sad when it went out of stock.  Then, when I was in Old Navy with Kevin picking up some things for him, I swung by the clearance and found this shirt - the only one left, and in my size...for $5.  I was so excited!
  • Red polka dot oxford, $15 - Again, I've been looking for printed button ups, and I love the colors on this one.  These Old Navy oxfords fit me so well!
  • White and navy polka dot oxford, $15 - Same as the red one.
  • White boyfriend cardigan, $13 - As much as I love my tan boyfriend cardigan, I knew I wanted to use my SuperCash on a new cardigan or two.  I picked up two, and I can't wait to wear them as much as I wear my tan one!
  • Navy boyfriend cardigan, $28 - See above.
  • Gray sweater, $10 - I bought this sweater when I was in Charlotte visiting my friend Casey, and I can't wait to finally wear it now that I am done with the 30x30 remix!
  • Chambray shirt, $15 - I had a chambray shirt for about two years that I literally wore holes into.  I got this one as a replacement.  I ordered it in a Tall so that the sleeves and torso won't shrink.
  • Maroon ponte dress, $7 (maroon not available online anymore) - Like the green oxford I talked about above, this is another piece that I had in my online shopping cart for such a long time, until it sold out before I could buy it.  On the same trip as when I got the green oxford, I happened to see this dress on the rack...again, the only one and in my size.  The cashier who rung me up told me that it had just come in earlier that day as an online return.  If that's not fate, I don't know what is.
  • Diva skinny ankle jeans, $29 - Okay, now these, I'm a little on the fence about.  They are just ever-so-slightly too big.  I think I can take them in just a little bit so that they will be a better fit, because the size down is too tight.  I love how they fit me otherwise, though, and they are perfect "work denim" - AKA, they don't really look like jeans so are perfectly acceptable to wear to my work and internships.  I'll see what I can work out, but if I don't think they'll work or if I don't want to get them taken in, then I'll return them.
The grand total for this month before any rewards is $157...and after taking out my rewards, discount from an online code, and SuperCash, I spent a total of $67 out of pocket.  Yep.  Pretty freaking awesome.  And I know that all these things are going to get so much use.

I was organizing my closet this past week, and I had to stop and smile about how happy I am with how my style has evolved.  I love all the pieces in my closet and I get so inspired when I look at what I have.  It's a pretty great place to be in.  That being said, I'm feeling really determined to actually stick to a no-shopping month in February.  Honestly, I have everything that I could possibly want and need for a long time.  I'm not going to be tempted to buy anything with SuperCash, and I don't have any rewards that are tempting me either.  I feel settled in my closet and ready to remix the crap out of what I already have.  Here we go, February!

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