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30x30: Studs on Studs

Shirt: Gap Cardigan / Pants: Kohls Boots / Belt / Headband: Target 

I love the studs on this belt!

Since there are only two more days left in the 30x30 challenge (!!!), I decided to take an inventory on how often each of my pieces has been worn in the challenge so far.  My black blouse has only been worn once during the challenge and I wanted to give it just a little more love before the 30 days are up.  I have to admit that the belt was a last minute addition, but I am so glad I added it!  I feel like it adds so much to the outfits, and I like that the studs on the belt reflect the black studs on my shirt (which you can see in more detail here).  When I first planned this outfit, I thought it would be kind of a dud, but after seeing it in photos and seeing how it looks with the belt, I actually really like it!

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