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30x30: Print Inspiration

Dress / Cardigan: Old Navy Boots / Tights / Belt: Target Necklace / Earrings: From my mom

A long time ago, I had this beautiful dress from H&M.  It was navy blue and it had a gorgeous black floral pattern all over it.  I had never thought of navy and black going together until seeing the print on the dress.  I've since outgrown the dress (but I'm hanging onto it just in case I can ever fit into it again - it's the only piece of clothing that I am holding onto "just in case" because I love it so much!), but I am still smitten with its beautiful print.  I thought I would try to recreate the feel of the dress by pairing black and navy together.  I decided to add a little bit of gray into the outfit as well with my gray cardigan and gray and black polka dot tights.  While navy and black together is not something that everyone can embrace, I actually really liked how it looks together.  I figure, if people are wearing black and brown together these days, why not black and navy?

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